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Open Source Air Quality Sensors. Join the Air Quality Movement and help to solve the air quality problem through better data.

Air pollution from both outdoor and indoor sources represents the single largest environmental risk to health globally.*

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*World Health Organisation (WHO), 2017


Better Air Quality Through Better Data.

It is our mission to make air quality data available easily and simply to everybody.  This leads to better and more detailed real-time data, and better data leads to a better understanding and finally will help to tackle environmental issues.

We cannot ignore the fact that air pollution leads to asthmacancer and millions of prematured deaths every year.* Therefore, WHO (and other organisations), states and cities set maximum permissible pollution levels. However, these levels are often not met in many places with the current pollution. One major problem is the lack of knowledge about how polluted air is affected by the weather (e.g. wind, sun) and how pollutants interact with each other.


We want to change this so that everybody can measure the pollution inside and outside their homes using the easy to use, inexpensive and open source Cellaboxes. This will lead to better data, more knowledge and crucial goals for the governments to act on.



The modules are wirelessly connected and send their data to the cloud.

The hardware costs per module are below $100.-, which makes them attractive to build them by yourself.

There is currently no kit available for the modules. We are still looking for sponsors.

  • Climate Module (T&H), battery-powered

  • Indoor Air Quality Module (VOC), battery-powered

  • Outdoor Air Quality Module (O3, NO2, SO2, CO), battery-powered

  • Indoor Particulate Matter Module (PM2.5, PM10, VOC, eCO2), external power adapter

  • Outdoor Particulate Matter Module (PM2.5, PM10), solar powered

Join the Cellabox open source project and create and configure your own air quality module.

The source code is free to everybody. If you think Cellabox deserves some support, e.g. that we can provide hardware kits to everybody, please make a donation.



Ultra-low power technology and solar energy harvesting make it possible that the sensors run without replacing batteries for years and years to come.


Air quality data are stored in the cloud (thethings.iO) and can be accessed via browser on your smart phone, tablet, notebook etc.

Reliability and simplicity are important. Therefore, Cellabox sensors  are connected with a thoroughly tested wireless mesh technology called Thread®.

Our source code is open to everybody! 



We don't have any sponsors or supporters.

If you think Cellabox is worth supporting, or you were able to use some of the code and want to say thank you, here the opportunity.




Every donation helps this project.


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