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Cellabox, what's that about?

Cellabox is all about a "sustainably connected" future. We want to empower low-cost environmental air quality data logging for everybody and help the world to understand environmental issues through better data, and help people to measure the air quality in their homes and their living area.

The idea of solar powered wireless sensors, which work completely autonomous, has been growing inside my head since 2012. However, it needed some time and some discussions with friends until I decided to go for it. I believe that Internet-of-Things technologies (protocols, cloud platforms) have matured very well over the last couple of years. So it is go time :-)

We will start with a proof of concept.

At this very early stage, I would like to thank specially SiLAB ( Without the support of these guys, I may never had started.

#howitstarted #Cellabox #SiLAB

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